I came to know about an extraordinary woman

Who like all mothers gave love and had grace

And after hearing her story; you will too believe



The phone rang and a voice said

“Madam we are extremely sorry to say that your son is now a martyr, he has laid down his life defending our nation, madam we need someone to collect his body”

Those words were just enough

To crumble my heart and make my eyes foggy


“The voice carried on and, I remembered my son

My son who always told me to open my eyes

And look at the blooming flowers, the shining sun and the growing trees

He would tell me to look at the majesty of forts, beauty of orchards

And the clarity of streams that are infinitely painted with crease


He would tell me to free my ears from the curtain of majority pessimism

And listen to the gush of air, the humming of birds and the laughter of children as they play

To listen to the pittar patter of the raindrops, the tinkling of women’s anklets

And the waves flowing into the welcoming bay


He always said, mother we live in such a world where magic, wonder and happiness

Is just around the corner

One scent away, one kind word away, one kiss away

But to access those you need to stop being a mourner


And he would carry on, your right mother; the world is like a volcano

Which explodes, but just like happiness, sadness is also not forever

After the volcano the surface gets covered with new soil, new pumices and new life

And from the ashes of sorrow grows a new plant ready to face whatsoever


Hearing the news of your martyrdom left me hollow

And i didn’t know how this world is beautiful when suddenly I realize

I know what you meant with those words

When you have drifted away into the skies


The voice continued “madam are you okay”

And I proudly said; please donate my son’s organs

As by doing so I want to give you another birth

And keep you alive my son


So that once again you can see the beauty and happiness

And feel the kindness and positiveness people possess in their hearts

Once again you can smell the moist soil and feel the nature

And give yourself a fresh start


Yes I am sure I want to donate your organs with pride and grace

So that you can still see that the world indeed is a beautiful place

Manya Chopra


AVM Juhu