Who is the greatest teacher in life?

Experience is the greatest teacher in life,

Experience is a medicine given to us  by the past,

It is used for the present like a bow tied on fast.

Experience always helps us, 

In matters we can’t even think of,

Experience is gained from the past,

With an effect to the present.

Experience is what everybody has,

Like the person who now knows he likes classic and not jazz,

Experience tells something very important,

Like always camping with a campfire and a friend.

Experience teaches us a lot about life,

Like India knew it was time to strive,

Experience is something that nobody can teach,

Exactly how love cannot be preached.

Experience tells us things we like or not,

Like we know a war is not to be fought,

Experience is what makes us big ,

And not be tall nor fat like a pig.

Experience tells us who is our friend,

And helps us to be fit in the end,

Love is something what a friend lends,

Which is likely to help us blend.

  • By Maalav Desai
  • Class 9A
  • VCW Arya Vidya Mandir