Everyone laughs,

So do I,

Everyone smirks,

So do I,

Everyone taunts,

So do I,

Everyone pushes,

So do I.

But now everyone is pushing me down,

So am I,

I see a blur, a mist, a haze,

I see a crowd under a foggy cascade,

I see many bodies but no individuals,

It’s hard to believe i was one of them once.

But I know one thing.

‘Everyone’ is not a reality,

‘Everyone’ is a distraction,

‘Everyone’ is an unwanted attention.

‘Everyone’ claims to be there for need,

But when I cry they don’t even pay heed.

‘Everyone’ has 8 syllables,

And ‘I’ has only one.

‘Everyone’ is not one person,

It is a crowd,

It is not a beautiful hill,

It is an ugly mound.

So who is everyone anyway?

To judge me, to taunt me, to push me, to make me cry, to lower my fly, to grab me and pull me down, to even as much try to make me frown, to make my face wrinkle from even a single sad muscle, to make me doubt myself, to make my heart and body tuffle.

Who is everyone anyway?

I can’t even see them, let alone feel them,

Still they manage to pressure me,

I give that a sarcastic nod,

‘Cause I know ‘everyone’ is a fraud.

Life is never a fairytale,

Neither is it a nightmare,

Life is a moral story, teaching you a lesson every day,

Teaching you to be different from the given array.

Nobody from ‘everyone’ will come at your door with a lost shoe,

Wanting you to be a princess, because Cinderella never lived to be true.

In real life, music doesn’t play and confetti doesn’t blow,

One has to tear the bits with sheer grit and sweat to write the music flow.

\the journey of life is tough,

And the road is rough,

But the view from top is nothing but content.


So, my peers love yourself, be yourself, be your own queen

And ‘everyone’ would lean,

To see what is different in you,

Why are you not vanishing in the mist?

The answer is because ‘everyone’ doesn’t own you,

Everyone doesn’t make you bother,

Because I have finally learnt to be my own fairy godmother,

And to sew my gown of destiny and mould my tough glass slippers in solitude but never alone.

Manya Chopra


AVM Juhu