Music is the voice of my soul. It is the food for my mind and elixir for my spirit.

Music unleashes my enthusiasm and creativity.Music lies in every corner of nature.

Gushing of the waterfall over pebbles, howling of the pack of wolves at midnight and the merry tweeting of little birds in spring- every whisper, every sound is music.

I often use music to forget about my problems and complexities of life.

Nowadays in our buzzing city, people get no time to pursue their favorite hobbies.Related image

Music of any type, an instrument, singing or just humming and whistling can nurture our minds and help us lead a happy life. Just don’t forget…you never need to be  a professional to sing.

Sing like you have never sung before…because this life is nothing without the sweet sounds of music.

By – Sanjna Subramanian

9 C

A.V.M. B.W.