Wanderlust is a very vague expression. It can be a joy to the heart, the brain and the body, the elixir of life for some, an experience for some and a mere memory for some. ‘A true desire to travel’ is not the only phrase that describes wanderlust, but the desire to learn, know more, meet more, see more, enjoy more. Wanderlust is for a traveler who takes travelling as seriously as a painter takes his painting, a dancer takes his dance, a singer his singing. a sportsperson his sports and a businessman his business. I am not implying that wanderlust is supposed to be looked at as a serious job opportunity, with all work and no play, you always take everything with a pinch of salt.
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It is the thirst for an adventure, thirst for every turn in life to be a new novel. A thirst that turns into an uncontrollable feel of hunger, a spark that turns into a raging fire, a light shower that changes into a storm. it is the need to travel across the seven seas, glance at every corner of the world perhaps once, meet all kinds of people living at least once, gaze curiously at the vast and diverse varieties of cultures, religion, and much more.It is not just a matter of worldly happiness that is gained by your want to wander, but a true mark of joy and sorrow that will lie in your hearts for now and forevermore.
Akangkhya Bezbaruah