Sometimes a thought strikes me,

What if I could glide over the highest cloud,

Or swim in the deepest sea.

Oh I wish, I wish it was for me.

If I could jump from the highest mountain,

Into the coldest glacier valley there ever could be.

Or fly free like a bird

Swooping up and down in the winds of glee.

Farther and further keep moving on’

Till you reach the deepest treasure’

Discover Cinderella’s palace gone’

Or wake the sleeping beauty forever.

What if I came across Captains shield,

Then met the witch of Scarlet,

Found pieces of the hammer of Thor,

And became one of them by the venom of Jarvis.

What if I joined the order of the Phoenix,

Or became one of a vampire lately,

Turned into a powerful demigod,

Or became an alien unknowingly.

And still on every full moons night,

I become a werewolf of dreams,

Travel all these experiences once more,

Till I reach reality.

-Swaraa Sule

7 A

Arya Vidya Mandir (Bandra East)