I have been to the hills and I live by the sea,

I have been to Singapore and swum in the Malayan sea,

I went to see Singapore’s little India…

Yet the real India awaits me!


I try to use the chopsticks in Mumbai,

But real fun would be to use them in Shanghai.

I have seen the Ganges and I’ve seen the Narmada,

But I wonder where they meet?


I haven’t seen the Taj-Mahal nor the Eiffel tower,

And yet there are 5 more wonders remaining to see!

The tribes and elephants of Africa enchant me,

I am yet to meet the seals and penguins of Iceland,

I haven’t climbed a mountain yet, But I dream to sing

the National Anthem on top of the Everest!


I want to wander with a backpack

And sometimes take a suitcase too!

Now I have to go with my parents,

But someday I will wander alone!

Once I have covered the earth,

I still have 7 more planets to see!


Stuti Pandya

Class 6 B