If I had to travel somewhere in the world,

With only my suitcase in hand,

Should I travel to a place hot or cold?

Should I travel o Greenland?


Perhaps I could go to China or Spain,

Or even drench myself in the London rain.

I don’t think Belgium is that far,

I could help myself to a chocolate bar.


Maybe I’ll gaze in wonder at the Parthenon in Greece,

And listen to the tale of the Golden Fleece,

I would learn some traditions fro the Indian folk,

And make sure in Kenya it’s the lion I don’t provoke.


So many places like Germany and Rome,

So many people each offering their home.

The pursuit of other travelers might be to explore the world,

But mine is to make sure my heart and mind are unfurled.


So to me what is a must,

Is to give in each time to my wanderlust!


Vivika Puranik

AVM Juhu