People say I am wanderlust,

Because I travel to places so far and near without any fuss;

These people don’t know anything about me and what my dreams are.

For example, they do not know that my dream place is New York City.


One day, my friend found out about this and told me “Oh! What a pity,

That you haven’t yet gone to the great New York city.”

At that very moment and in a jiff, I bought my tickets to my dream place

Got into the plane and shouted at the pilot “Go at a higher pace!”


First, I went to the Liberty Statue,

And saw a building being made new.

While I was eating candy floss,

I saw the brand new model of Porsche.

Then I dived into my hotel’s pool,

Which I thought was super cool.


As I was in the plane coming home I thought,

I wish I could have stayed a little more,

But hey I am wanderlust and there are still a thousand miles to go!