Wanderlust is a rather vague emotion, a twinge in the back of your mind, a pang at the edge of your heart, but it is completely undeniable and can bring the most longing and the most satisfaction of anything I have ever felt.

It is a love for exploring, for learning, for seeing what you have never seen before.

In this travelogue I am going to be writing about my trip to Australia in May 2016. I went to Australia for 20 days. I had gone to 4 cities –Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and finally Sydney. I visited 3 of my cousins who live in Australia. Two of them live in Perth and my third cousin lives in Melbourne.

First I went to Perth to stay with my two cousin brothers. We did a lot of things likekayaking, hiking etc. We went to a garden called The Banksia Garden which had a huge fountain in the center of the garden. We also did some cycling and scootering. They have a table tennis table at home, and we used to play table tennis at night. They even have an Xbox. We went to a dam as well.

Then I visited Melbourne to meet my third cousin. Perth is on the west coast of Australia, while Melbourne is on the east coast of Australia. It is a very long flight from Perth to Melbourne that takes 3 hours! In Melbourne we lived in a hotel and visited my cousin brother at their home.We drank some hot chocolate and had dinner there too. I sat in a Tram for the first time in my life. We did shopping in the Queen’s market. My uncle drove us to The Great Ocean Road where we were awestruck by the beauty of the twelve Apostles! We also went to Philip Island nearby to see ”The Penguin Parade”- we could see the cute penguins coming from the ocean to the beach and into their little houses which were boxes put there by the staff.

After Melbourne, we visited Adelaide for sightseeing, where we roamed around in the city. We ate dinner in an Indian restaurant, it was so good to eat Indian food after a long time! We were finding the restaurant for so long. From Adelaide, we also visited the Cleland Wildlife Park where we saw all sorts of animals like kangaroos, koala, ducks etc.

Finally we went over to Sydney. In Sydney we went for a Helicopter ride and it was so awesome, the view was so good. We celebrated my 10th birthday in Sydney. We saw the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and also went to the Darling Harbour.  Then after that we were travelling the whole day to come back home.

I was so happy and thankful that my mother and father gave me a trip to Australia for my birthday. I was a little sad to leave Australia but I was also happy to come back home and meet all my friends in June.


Yutika Dighe


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