London is one of my favourite vacation spots. I go to London almost every year because my grandfather lives there. I always have fun as we do something new every year. This year we did a lot of shopping, met my grandfather and even did a little sightseeing.

This year my hotel was right next to the Wembley stadium. For the first few days we spent time with my grandfather, and then came my favourite part: the shopping! We went to the London designer outlet and shopped for shoes and clothes.  One time we even went swimming in the indoor pool because of the weather outside.

After two weeks at the hotel we went to stay at my aunt’s house. I really enjoy visiting her because she is also fond of drawing, just like me, and she always teaches me something new..

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We went to meet my cousins, and I enjoyed their company a lot. Together all of us went to a dessert parlour and stuffed ourselves. I had a blue bubblegum ice-cream that was massive, and at the end of it my tongue was blue! Later, we visited some more shops and ended up buying loads of shoes, clothes, accessories and even gifts for my friends. oxford street

We had decided to take a double decker bus to Oxford Street, and the view from the top was so amazing. We even saw a musical called ‘Mamma Mia”. The songs were taken from an album of the famous band “ABBA”. It was a wonderful experience.

We came back from this wonderful trip on the 7th of June and I was sad that my vacation officially ended, but I got to see my friends after a long time and felt very happy to see them


Dheeya Shah


AVM Bandra West