A memory peddler came to my house one day,

To ask if I had any memories to give away.

I thought,  memories? I may have one to spare,

After all, when it comes to memories, everyone has a fair share.

I remembered, faintly – when I was but one,

Laughing and playing and having so much fun.

I recalled then, a time when I was two,

Painstakingly learning to tie my shoe.

I recollected immediately, when I was three,

Being innocent and playful and gloriously carefreRelated imagee.

I thought then of when I was four,

Arguing with my mother over who she loved more.

I remembered celebrating the birthdays ages at five, six, and seven,

When blowing out candles and receiving presents were like being in heaven.

I remembered running,  and playing on the beach,

When everyone I met had something new to teach.

I  recalled the time when I was old enough to kno

What ‘photosynthesis’ was all about and how it made plants grow.

Memories made with the people we love,

Feel like little glimpses of heaven sent from above.

Good times come and go, but memories last forever,

They are a bond between you and your past that nobody can sever,

For memories are indeed timeless treasures,

That exceed far beyond ordinary measures.

I told him, ” I am sorry, they’re all too precious to give away!”

And that’s the story of how the ped
dler left empty-handed that day.


Anagha Giri

 Class 8B

A.V.M B.W.