It doesn’t matter whether you know a friend since you were small,
What matters is true friendship that’s all!
When you are going through times that are tough,
One true friend to make you smile is enough.

If you are in trouble and you feel lost,
A true friend is the one who will help you the most,
If they make a mistake they apologise,
If they see you falling they help you rise,
A true friend is a gem that is rare,
He is someone who is always there and who will always care.

A true friend never back bitches,
If you ever feel torn inside,he is the one who stitches,
A true friend will never want misfortune to cross your way,
They will always be by your side and not push you away,
A true friend will always answer your call,
He will be the one to pick you up when you fall.

It doesn’t matter whether you know him since years,
He is someone who can turn you happy when you are in sorrowful tears,
If you are hurt and misery is all you feel,
He will be the one who will help and make you heal.

True friends are always aware of your laziness,
They are the ones who are always part of your craziness,
True friends always ‘let go’
Because all that matters is you and not ego.

A true friend is like a precious crown,
Someone who will never let you down,
Honesty is something which matters,
In its absence friendship shatters,
True friends respect and accept you as you are,
They will always be connected even if you are far.

True friends don’t need a reason to talk,
Instead of a car they’ll  prefer a long walk,
They always have time for each other,
They are just like a sister or a brother,
A true friend never leaves your hand,
When you need him he will take a stand,
He is the one who will always understand.

He is like the sun who provides light,
He is the one who makes everything alright,
True friendship has no end,
Only tough times show who is a true friend,
Replacing a true friend is not possible,
If you ever lose one the feeling is horrible.

Loyalty is one thing required,
Only then trust is acquired,
Secrets are something which they never leak,
For you they could even reach a mountain peak,
Maybe true friends are connected to us even before birth,
The best blessing from God is having a true friend on this Earth❤.

Krish Kheskani


AVM Juhu