A trip to Barcelona is one of my most memorable holidays ever. It was October 2015 and I had gone with my Father, Mother and Brother. This was a work cum leisure trip for my father and he had decided to take us along. I was so excited that I entered the Airport and asked my father for the airplane for us to board!! We had a stopover at Frankfurt, Germany  where I saw some real gorgeous looking mean machines in the form of cars for display at the airport. I was so happy……Ferraris, Mercs and Mc Larens! From Frankfurt it took us about two hours to reach Barcelona. That night we met a lot of Daddy’s colleagues, had a relaxed dinner and called it a day. We were ready to crash….

The next morning was supposed to be the sightseeing day. Barcelona, the second largest city of Spain is the capital of Catalonians. The place had many tourists all coming in different buses, their guides walking with a flag in her or his hand and explaining. It was indeed a beautiful place. We went to a place or rather a long street or a boulevard, called the La Ramblas. It was a place with beautiful street lamps, cobbled walks, flower shops, cafes, restaurants and street artists. It was much more than fun. We shopped some beautiful souvenirs to take back. There was a huge market with fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meat etc. It was such a colourful place. There was a beautiful cathedral, with peaceful lanes, people walking such cute pups. I even took a picture with one of the pups…..it all seemed like a dream. I also ate the most delicious ice cream from a local ice cream shop. The La Ramblas walk ended in the ports where huge ships were anchored and the sea was beautifully blue. We tasted local food in a restaurant, was lovely.

On our way back I realised that every building seemed like a work of art, some very old and beautiful and some very modern. We were also taken to a place very very high in the city on mountains, where we could see the city from top…..the beautiful sea and the buildings with beautiful art-the bird’s eye view. The view has stayed with me…..After a long day, we stopped for our much needed rest.
The next day was our trip to the FCB, something that I was waiting for….The football enthusiast that I am, this was one place in the world that I wanted to visit .We reached the place, got our tickets ,also had a guide from The FCB-The Football Club of Barcelona. He first took us through a huge hall where we could click ourselves with the champs of the FCB.I clicked one with the Trio-Messi, Neymar and Suarez. I am a big fan of  Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr. I couldn’t   believe this was actually happening. There were huge screens playing Messi’s wonderful goals. Our guide educated me that Messi was like God in Spain…No one else came close to him in popularity and  Football was like their religion. I also saw the pair of Golden boots that Messi won four times back to back in the Fifa world cup, safely kept in a glass cupboard….and the dressing room of the opponent team. It was big…..and there were enlarged pictures of several FCB wins .This was to play on the minds of the opponents and scare them ,my guide told me. The FCB team dressing room is not shown to visitors and tourists but the corridor through which they come walking from their room,we got to see .This was painted Orange to give strength and energy to the players, my guide told me. Finally, we went to the football ground….it was massive and totally overwhelmed me… can you imagine all the world football greats play here and I was there, totally speechless with awe!!!This was something ,I can’t describe in words….We then went to the shopping area within the club….I bought a football for myself and also a souvenir football with the signatures of the FCB  team. It was the best day of my life!!

The next day was again a city tour with time  also saved for Shopping, but I just couldn’t get over the FCB…The next day was an early morning flight to Lisbon, our next place to visit. This was one trip that I will always treasure……the special memories are going to stay with me forever.

Aryaman Shetty


AVM Juhu