One day in the Kailash Parvat
The two brothers Ganesha and Karthik had a fight
Each wanted the modaks , but none wanted to share
So they set a compromise:
To take three rounds of what they thought was their world.

So Karthik took of with his peacock around the Earth
Leaving Ganesha to think how to win
He came upon the realization that his world w not the Earth
The did everything for him, his parents.

Ganesha took three rounds of his parents
Soon he was sitting in front of a plate of modak
Upon Karthiks arrival he came to the realisation that
Ganesha had won and he had lost
Ganesha noticing his brothers disappointment
He offered him a modak amd brought him a smile.

By Kimberly Roy, Class 6A, AVM, Bandra East