The year 2020 has just got over and as we enter the new year we carry with us many lessons we learnt from the year 2020. Due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus we were stuck in a lockdown but the situation is getting better. We were stuck in our homes attending online schools with no interaction with our friends. It was as if time had stopped.We were coaxed to be at home and use whatever resources we had and entertain ourselves. All the family members were at home together and everyone was trying to contribute in whatever way they could help. My family and I bonded and played games to cheer us up. We also celebrated many birthdays online. We connected 

with other family members online. Many of us learnt new skills like baking, exploring new ideas. We realized that we don’t need entertainment like malls and theatres so extensively, we can easily manage to be entertained while spending time with our families and learning different activities like baking and painting. We learnt to value relations, and realized the amount of hard work our helpers put in just to help us. We should always remember the year 2020 and how we overcame all the plights with faith and courage. 

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~Yuvaan Dingreja


Arya Vidya Mandir (Bandra West)