Although the year 2020 might seem monotonous and dull to many, I learned a lot from this phenomenal year. As the saying goes “There are two sides to every coin”, even this coronavirus pandemic has its own pros and cons. 

“As you sow, so shall you reap” is a proverb that rightly explains the cause of this coronavirus. According to me it was Mother Earth’s technique of nullifying or gradually diminishing the negative impact of mankind on its environment. I learnt the cycle of nature and got to know how everything in nature remains balanced and there cannot be excess of anything. As the world came to a halt, so did the industries, factories and the automobiles that work on fuel and so the pollution rate decelerated. Therefore, our surroundings seem even more splendid! In Jalandhar, Punjab, the Himalayas were seen after a myriad of years as the pollution rate decreased. Even the vibrant trees and plants prospered and grew magnificently. In the lockdown, I could smell the fresh flowers from the nearby tree from my window which I had never smelt before. As the din made by the blaring horns of the mounting traffic nearby, engulfing the vicinity also greatly reduced, I could also hear the euphonic music of nature. All of this was a great learning for me that introduced me to a world different from the hustle and bustle of daily life. I discovered many things around me and got closer to my parents as they were at home. I discovered my talents and found more time for myself to relish my hobbies. I also learned new technology and became more familiar with the features and working of a computer. I learned coding on Scratch and Python and participated in many online competitions and examinations and also won a few accolades. I even realised the importance of our domestic helpers when I had to help my mother in household chores during the lockdown. I tried to utilise the lockdown to the fullest and started exercising and eating healthy food in order to stay healthy and fit. The pandemic gave way to creativity and taught me a crucial lesson to not take things for granted.

The most crucial of all, I mastered the art of finding good in the hardest of situations and learned to be patient and tolerant. These unique and fascinating memories of the lockdown will be etched in my memory forever and I will remember it as a time of fruitful change profitable for mankind that taught me innumerable things as an individual.

Mishtee Agarwal


Arya Vidya Mandir (Bandra west)