As the clock struck midnight on the eve of New Year’s 2019, wishes began pouring in – “Happy New Year to all of you! 🎆🍰🥧”. When 2020 began, it was like just another calendar year and we were all getting used to writing “1/1/2020” instead of “1/1/2019”. People were predicting that it was going to be the best year the world has ever had. But then, disaster struck. In March came the now-infamous COVID-19 pandemic followed by the lockdown. 

This pandemic showed us how to value our lives. Oh yes, this lockdown and the pandemic has taught us, rather the hard way, about life; we’ve shared quotes and forwards about how important it is to lead our lives the way we want to and how important it is to live the moment and so on; but how many of us have done that than just getting along with the routine? It’s been 9 months since the lockdown started, out of which 6 months have gone by trying to stay home and stay safe [the new mantra of life]. The notion and idea of “slowing down” reached us only during these 6 months at home; till then, we were all chasing our “dreams” and trying to compete with the other that we forgot to pause to catch our breath! The idea of looking after the other hit us hard during these 6 months, even if we had to connect virtually.

There were days when we longed for a break and when we get that break, we are not able to enjoy it; there were days when we wanted to laze around at home doing absolutely nothing and still enjoy it but when we had the chance, we couldn’t do it for more than 3 days; we got bored of it. But one thing has not changed in these 9 months – what started with fear and anxiety has now become a part of our lives. At first, we were all anxious due to the uncertainty that lay ahead but in due course, we’ve all managed to accept the fact and get over the anxiety. I guess that is life – it is not about how many rocks you’ve hit to reach your destination; it is about how you have made your way through them and I guess, 2020 is a classic example of this lesson…

On a lighter note, this pandemic sure has brought out our interests – we’ve seen chefs, artists, dancers and writers who are doctors, engineers and corporate by profession. Looks like we have found what we like to do… At the end of the day, all that matters is what you like to do and your happiness while doing what you like!

Sahil Bade

9 B

Arya Vidya Mandir