2020 was a year of many blessings in disguise. We all have a fair share of happiness and sorrows. We all go through hardships in life. The loss of loved ones, prolonged separation from friends certainly had a tremendous impact on our lives. However, there always is a silver lining in every grey cloud. 2020 has taught us so many things, that we could have never learned in our routine life. It had been quite a while since we all did our household chores or cooked a meal. I understood the importance of spending time with our family, the ability to find happiness in every little thing, and that sometimes, we must slow down and take some time to refresh ourselves. We mustn’t take anything for granted, be it our helpers to our health. In this day and age, taking care of your mental health is so very important. Positivism has an unmatched power of making you feel content and optimistic. It makes you see things others miss. This year has been very challenging for many people, and I feel thankful for the roofs on my head and the nutritious food on our tables. Gratitude is the most important lesson I learned in the previous year. Let’s all take a leap of faith for the coming year and treasure these learning for a lifetime.

Simran Thakur

7 A