The voice of Lord Krishna pervaded the moans of agony that the battlefield of Kurukshetra reverberated with. Sword against sword and death after death……the Pandava Arjuna looked around his chariot, disgusted with the harrowing scenes that prevailed there. He felt deep remorse for his actions in this battle against his nemesis duryodhana, the battle that was to be remembered forever.

Arjuna suddenly sat down in his chariot, ready to give up. “I cannot bear to watch my own cousins getting killed, Krishna. I give up this battle.”

“Arjuna, everyone has a certain duty to perform and yours is to fight for a righteous cause. If you, a warrior, shun your duty, think about how badly you are failing your dharma. Think about what a bad example you are setting for ones who are yet to arrive at this point, from where there is no return.”

“But will I not be killing my own cousins?”

“Your arrows will merely destroy their body. Their souls will remain intact for eternity. The human body has only a few stages before the inevitable death that everyone fears. So get up and fight!

This great speech, known as the Bhagavad Gita, is the most sacred scripture of the Hindus. Arjuna indeed did get up, and fight he did!

Indian mythology connects us to our rich culture. It enriches our tradition and sows the seeds of intelligence, courage and kindness in us. Indian myths have been passed from generation to generation by speech, dance, music and paintings witch portray it beautifully. So people think that our mythology is all about boring stuff, is it? Well, I’d like to tell them to step out of their dull world and discover this wonderful gift bestowed upon us.

By Ankita Murthy, Class 7A