In Maharashtra almost all happy and cheerful occasions are associated with music ,folk songs, Natya Sangeet and poet saints. The popularity of classical music in Maharashtra began through Gwalior .Miraj town of Sangli district is known as the “town of music”. The world famous Indian musical instrument the Sitar is made in this town.


Natya Sangeet is very popular in Maharashtra. It is a sort of stage music similar to the Opera of the west. The tune is an amiable blend of deep classical strains and old style musical patterns with rhythmic changes. Background instrumentation music rivets the composition completely in sync with the vocals.

Narayanrao Rajhauns popularly known as Bal Gandharava  is the master of Natya Sangeet in Maharashtra. An entire genre of Natya Sangeet rooted in Hindustani classical music is developed under him.


Folk music is an inseparable part of the daily lives of rural Maharashtra. Folk forms like Lavani, Nautanki and Tamasha music are very famous

Some of the unique forms of Maharashtrian folk music  are :

LAVANI AND POWADA – These popularfolk songs entertain village folks in Maharashtra.

BHALERI – This is a folk song which is sung to cheer the farmers working in the fields.

OVI – This folk song is sung by village women at dawn describing Maika (mother’s home ) and Sasural (husband’s home ).

PALANE – It is a lullaby sung to put a child to sleep.

ARTYA –This is a folk song that appeases the wrath of deities to protect from diseases like smallpox, plague etc.

Bhajan, Bharud, Gondhal, Kirtan, Lalita, Abhangas and Tumbadi singing are the other forms of community entertainment based on the folksongs found in Maharashtra.