It happened one December night

And a dark night it was then,

He was shivering with fright

The bravest of the men

Soon to faint from an awful sight 

Of the blood of his ten best men,

Then he saw a note which read, 

“This is only the start of the sleight.”

The next morning, he received a huge shock,

He was shaken up; to the President he went to talk,

‘Dear Mr. President, sir…’ he said

And soon he revealed his morose story,

From both ends were tears shed.

Their tears together could fill a lorry,

“Oh no, that’s miserable!” the President groaned, 

“I lost the cable”, he moaned.

The VR goggles suddenly went black, 

The instructor shouted, “Time out boy!”

Now it’s time to get back on track,

That was just a VR experience, given to you by your beloved Troy.