Music  has its roots through ancient times.

The boundaries of music are not confined to humans but include every aspect of our environment as everything has its own sound and rhythm, one can find music in the movement of leaves, sound  of rain drops, breaking of waves on the shores, chirping of birds, singing of dolphin, etc.

Our mind can be  relaxed with music. Music is the medicine for a tired mind. Mausiki has been the medium to communicate feelings and emotions to one other since ages, which means ‘Where Words Fail, Music Speaks’.  

The mention of lord Krishna conjures an image of a peacock feather on his head and a flute in his hands. HRelated imageis music which would not only enamour people but also cast a spell on animals as well.

Music is the universal language of mankind. A child in his mother’s womb is not familiar with the sounds but clearly responds to music. Plato the Greek author of philosophical dialogues n meta- physics, politics and ethics once said

                        “Music gives a soul to the universe,

                                       Wings to the mind,

                            Flight to the imagination and

                                       Life to everything”

 By – Gauri Gangwar

         10 c

         A.V.M B.W.