Caves to mansions, letters to phones, how far we have come from our so called primitive ways. We say the past is done, forgotten, history yet we seem to be forgetting its cardinal support in the world today. Where would we be without it? More importantly who would we be? Darwin’s theory “survival of the fittest” works on many levels in today’s jungle which we call elections. Only the strongest, fittest most open to change are the ones who make our parliament. Ever wondered why one prefers a democratic government over a republican one? The answer is simple our turbulent past has inspired us to a better present. From autocracy to Hitler, what is it this world hasn’t seen. If our past hadn’t taught us of the dangers, mistakes, and methods of the ancient world do you really think we would be where we are today? From roads to flyovers, from stones to paper to now tablets; everything around us is a lesson, a mistake made and corrected. Things tried and retried. Things adapted and updated. From archaic to what we call cosmopolitan. Think of it in this way if as children we hadn’t learned alphabets would we have words or even a language?  Even religion something so easily mocked portrays some of our everyday emotions, mistakes and thoughts. Epics such as the Mahabharata and Ramayana portray ones strive for power, one’s willingness to save a loved one no matter what the consequences. If tales like these written over a hundred years back can depict our minds today, do you really think we have greatly progressed despite the new laws. So now I ask you what is the present if not a reflection of the past?

By- Aryaki Arora, VIII A