The Past: A Lesson for the Present

Many a times numerous amount of people make mistakes in their past which has helped them realise how important it is to not make them in their present and future days. The downfalls and failures we have experienced is our past is one step closer to us achieving our success. The grief experienced is nothing compared to the happiness you will experience once you have overcome the fears of your past.

Our ancestors have gone through such tough times for us to live the luxurious lives we live today. They had made multiple mistakes in their time which has helped the coming generations to rectify and to facilitate the governing of our country. As easy as it is to say that everyone should learn from their mistakes, it is extremely testing to perform it in reality. Personally, I have made many mistakes which I greatly regret. One of them is disobeying authority, namely my parents. There are some instructions and rules that one is bound to follow without arguing and cribbing. Many times I have broken those rules and restrictions not realising that they were made for my well being and safety in the first place. Breaking those rules not only got me into trouble but also spoiled many events that followed.

I have learnt one thing which is common among my past mistakes, discipline is the key to success and if you are not disciplined, success will not follow you.

~Ishika Bajekal, 9C, Arya Vidya Mandir, Bandra West