It is a common thing for us, as humans who make mistakes, to look back upon the past and find dozens of mistakes that we could have avoided and which have altered our lives tremendously. In a given situation, we may not do what we feel we should have done, looking at the incident in hindsight. On the other hand, it is these mistakes that teach us lessons. Truly, failure is the best teacher, for how can we know what to avoid in the future if we have never experienced it in the past?

One such learning in my life has been that no matter what, you must never lose your character and personality under the influence of others. Over the years, I have lived in multiple cities and interacted with many people, and in this process I have had to adapt to various kinds of situations as well as people. Along the way, I have become a very different person from who I was a few years ago. Sometimes, we tire of having to stay the same even through so much change in our lives. We drop our values, forget our friends and become new, weaker humans. The past has taught me that this is never the right door to open and that there is always a way to stay fresh, stay unique and change every day- but change for the better.

History has shown us that times change and people change. One positive thing we must take from our past and never forget is that there is always hope for everything. With the right combination of perseverance and faith, miracles become everyday events, and wonders rain on this world. The past tells us stories of women who were once denied the right to vote but are now ruling industries, of children who did not receive any formal education but grew up to reach the heights of success, and of dark times that got over, like all dark times do. Perhaps one of the most important lessons to learn is that neither good times nor bad times last forever, and success lies in planning.

Life teaches us something new every second. If we understand this, and take something small from each day we spend, every day we spend, and use it as a torch to guide us through the road that is our future, we find that the journey is a beautiful one.


Ankita Murthy