My mother told me that when I was very small (around 1.5 years), I developed the habit of putting my fingers in my mouth. In spite of Mama’s shouting and explaining, I couldn’t quit it.

Initially I would put my finger only in the night, but as I grew big, my habit got worse. I started putting my fingers more and more. My fingers and ears started smelling. Even though I didn’t want to put my fingers in my mouth, my habit didn’t let me be. Then one day when my first tooth fell, my mother showed me many pictures of children who put their finger in their mouth. I was very upset and scared. From that day I decided that I would not put my fingers in my mouth. And till date I have been successful in doing that.

I learnt that it is very difficult to break habits and hence I need to wear my thinking cap at all times. So now I think twice before picking up a habit.

Juhi Choithramani Std III – B