Muhammad Bin Tughlaq

The Past- A Lesson for the Present

Muhammad Bin Tuglaq was a great historical figure, but his fame surprisingly comes from his failed schemes. In the olden days Delhi was the centre of all the great civilizations as they were mostly constricted to the northern parts of India, but Tuglaq had grander things in mind. He ambitioned to be the ruler of the whole nation and to do this he would have to establish a major capital down in the South. Thus, it was decide that the Deccan would be the new capital city and Tuglaq wanted the whole population to be shifted there. The journey was long and treacherous and the citizens were made to walk the whole distance, which did not fare them well and almost half the population perished. Tuglaq’s plan was brilliant, but the idea was far ahead of its time and the execution was poor therefore it failed. This event in Indian history teaches us to think realistically and be within our capacity, and this proves that the past is a lesson for the present.

~ Sagnik Chakrabarti, 9C, Arya Vidya Mandir, Bandra West