The Past- A lesson for the Present

“Past is like a teacher, the failures we experience in our past only help us shrive and endure for our best in the future.” Even for me, the numerous times I have tripped over my mistakes, fallen because of my failures, felt helpless because of my errors. Although unintentionally , they have all given me the most invaluable , permanent lessons for the gift of my present.

“Superstitions”,  easy to say tough to believe. Many years ago, are society dwelled on the basis superstitions and fake believes. Our society was constructed on the support of the believes of our ancestors which according to proven science many were irrational. Various believes like not breaking a glass, not cutting nails at night, women with their menstrual cycle are not allowed to enter temples, the kitchen and not participate in any holy sacrifice, a black cat crossing our path is known as a bad omen and many more which only disrupt our daily life for the worse. It’s hard to believe that multitudes of people in today’s era have faith in such superstitions which only harm our psychology and even worse our forthcoming generations were passed forward with these kind of illogical claims. However, today with science and technology taking over superstitions has taken a setback. Theorems  all over the country have even proved some superstitions scientific but many of them have only proven them wrong, fake and irrational. In this era, where advancement and development has completely changed our lives partially for the better. Our lives now revolve more around rationale, reasoning, experimentation and observation, which have disregarded and discarded many superstitions.

The matter of the fact is that people have slowly and gradually adapted to this change of beliefs and eventually realized the mistakes our ancestors made by believing this superstitions should not be repeated under any circumstances. Thus ,even here we as a society have even learn’t how worthy lessons from the past can prove to be and how they not only improve our lifestyle but also our life as a whole. LET YOUR PAST BE YOUR BEST TEACHER.

~Kashish Jumani, 9C, Arya Vidya Mandir, Bandra West