There are many lessons that we learn in our lives not only by our teachers but also by many other people like our parents who are also our teachers outside the classroom. My mother says that lessons learnt should always be remembered and we should not repeat our mistakes.
I always had this habit of serving myself more food than I actually needed so the food used to get wasted every time. My teachers and parents always scolded me to finish the food that was there in my plate as wasting food is not a good habit. But I never listened to them and acted very carelessly. Until one day, when I saw my father serving food to a lot of poor people at the Gurdwara. I asked my father why those poor people used to come there to eat food. He then told me that those people didn’t have enough money to buy food for themselves. I felt very bad when I realized that I used to waste food carelessly. I had another lesson while I was watching KBC, I saw how a few people were helping the poor people by providing them with leftover food from the restaurants. I felt very bad for such unfortunate people and I decided not to waste food ever in my life.
I shall always remember this lesson that I learnt by looking at others – we should not waste what we have and we should also help the needy with what they don’t have.

-Ryan I. Gajra