Past, present, future three phases of life,
And among them; PAST a lesson to touch the skies.
What is Past?
A lesson for future, is what they broadcast,
It’s like a small child’s lie; you do not repeat it but you don’t even forget it.
It tells us to think like never before and,
Tells us that there is something more to explore.
It also tells us,
Never overlook the faults and mistakes,
Learn from them.
Don’t remember it for the sake of it, instead,
Remember it as the idea or warning for the new step.
The past, tells us our destiny,
It reminds us of the mistakes we made accidentally,
It warns us for the every new step we take,
And deprivesus if we went through it or if it’s just at stake.
Thus, don’t forget the past,
Don’t hide it,
Don’t conceal it,
Until you know it’s the best time to showcase it.

Tirth Rathod
AVM Bandra(East)