Every civilization ever built, rose in the ruins of a fallen one. Each empire erected, has thought it was the most powerful, invincible, everlasting. Every empire succeeding it proved it wrong. The ashes of anything that was burnt down to the ground will be tossed up on the high winds, and reach a place we call the afterlife. We better ourselves by learning from our mistakes. Thomas Alva Edison’s thousandth attempt at inventing the light bulb was his only successful one. He may have failed 999 times, but each of those past experiences held a lesson for his next try. Time is the best teacher you can have. Nothing can prepare you better for the future than the past. Everything happens for a reason. Each incident taking place in your past shapes your future. Your past is who you are; your future is who you’ll become. The two are interwoven in a delicate lattice of fate strings. Pull one taut, and something else loosens. So live in the present; make your choices and live your life. You’re shaped by your past, it’s true, but it’s you who shapes your future.