The Past: A Lesson for the future
If destinations weren’t guided by a map, we would be lost. The same way lessons from the past guide us for a successful journey in the future. When someone makes a mistake in the past by resolving it, they create a guide line for the person in the future who has the probability to make the same mistake. If India had made the mistake to fight the British when they were not united, they would have never won. Nature is the only surrounding that living beings that need to live but it makes sure that their past mistakes and their wrong deeds aren’t forgiven very easily. Why do we only remember unity while we are battling someone or something? It is because nature has inculcated that into us. Why does technology help us every day to avoid the mistakes made by us in the past and learn lessons for the future? The past is the torch, the lesson is the flame and we are the torch bearers that use it in the future.
~Saksham Agarwal,8C, Arya Vidya Mandir, Bandra West