Related image I remember the time when I went to  Europe. I went on a cruise which took me to the Greek islands of Olympia, Corfu, Mykonos and Santorini.
We embarked on the cruise from Venice and went to the harbour  where our ship ‘The Norwegian Jade’ was anchored.This beautiful ship on which I was about to sail was like a huge 7 star hotel in the Mediterranean Sea. We had another family along with us and thus had good company. There were restaurants that served us meals twenty four hours a day. The ship had a huge pool, a small football field, a basketball court and a tennis court on the  upper deck. As we set sail, the Mediterranean Sea looked  beautiful in deep blue colour and with the reflection of the sun   changed to an aqua green. We would get off the ship to explore the  Greek islands when it docked at small ports enroute. Every evening there were many entertainment programs like dance shows, magic shows and concerts. It was a beautiful and memorable experience. The memories of the Mediterranean Cruise will stay with me for ever. This was one of my best vacation trips.


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