Music is an essential part of our daily life. I can’t imagine our world without music. Music has a therapeutic effect on our mind and body. It makes us feel positive about life.

Music works as a therapy for us. It calms down our brain and removes stress from our daily life. It helps us to feel cheerful and alleviate our mood. For example, when we are stuck in a traffic jam music helps us to stay calm and patient. Whenever I feel sad, listening to my favourite song makes me feel good. Studies have shown that music therapy can help people who are hyperactive and restless. Music therapy helps them to relax and improve their concentration. Music therapy has helped not only humans but has also helped animals. It has worked well to calm and heal the animals. I have personally experienced this when I went to the Singapore aquarium. I saw that the trainers were taking the help of music therapy to calm the dolphins when they saw huge crowd.

Music therapy is the most effective and natural way to deal with lot of problems in our daily life. It’s the most entertaining way to heal our mind and body.

Nikhil Grover
AVM-Bandra East