All I could see was black. An infinite amount of nothingness no matter where you looked. It was art; a depressing sight for a common man. The sense of loneliness scared many, and the dangers scared the rest. But still, it gave me joy. I had sacrificed my everything for this. It was certain that not all crew members would return. But they didn’t fear the unknown, the red planet. I wondered what could be happening back home while I planted foot on the face of an unknown world. At a distance far greater than one could imagine, I could see Earth. The greens, dominated by the blues. I looked out through thick glass which held against the vacuum of outer space.   Image result for mars

It’s where my father had lived….and died. He was an astrobiologist. His research was what enabled us to understand what we would face as we twisted the rules and skipped the boundaries that the universe imposed on us. He died in an accident on the space station. What caused it is confidential and only few individuals know the truth. I was here only because of him. I remember his last words to me as he boarded the spacecraft. “Son, no one knows what my fate is. I am headed into a realm, answers of which still await our questions. I always dreamt of exploring the unexplored. I want you to go places we think are impossible to reach. Make me proud my boy, I love you.” I made up my mind then and there that I would live up to my father’s expectations and I would come back home one day, and tell him about it. I promised him that I would do whatever it takes. It became the goal and the driving force of my life. And it’s time now. It’s time I fulfilled his wish. Although I’m one step away from my goal, I’m forever away from my father.