Playing and listening to music gives us joy. It helps us connect with God . It is very pure and divine. Music makes the mind peaceful. I pray to God whenever I am sad. Similarly, I also play music whenever I feel bored and lonely. I think music is the bridge to heaven. Everybody listens to music – the old, young, rich or poor.


Music is as powerful as prayers. It can heal our broken hearts. Whenever it’s difficult to learn a subject, I just turn everything that my teacher taught me into a song and I can learn it quickly. When I was in kindergarten, I didn’t know numbers and alphabets, so I used to learn them by singing nursery rhymes. Whenever I feel bored in any subject, I listen to music to help me concentrate. Listening to music also helps my mother to relax while exercising. When the Titanic ship was sinking after it was hit by the iceberg, the orchestra was playing music because they wanted to calm the passengers so they would not be afraid of drowning. In restaurants they play soothing music so we can relax and enjoy our meal at the same time.


If there was no music in our life everything would have been dull.


Tanmay Gupta


AVM – Bandra (E)