The Little Alice and Her Dolls

One pleasant evening, little Alice was playing with her dolls in the park. She had a lot of dolls and she loved all of them dearly. Suddenly, she noticed another girl look at her. Alice shouted, “What do you want?”  The girl came to her and requested, “May I please play with your dolls?” Alice replied rudely, “No”. The little girl went away.

Alice’s mother there. Alice told her about the little girl. Her mother said, “Sweetheart, go and call that little girl”. Alice said “But why Mom?” Her mother replied,  “Just go and call her first.”

Alice called that little girl.  Her mother said, “Alice, if you share your things with others, it will help you in becoming more content. Come on, try it out yourself!”

Alice let the other girl play with her toys. The girl was very happy. She hugged Alice and said, “Thank You. Will you be my best friend?” Alice smiled and nodded. She was full of Joy.

Moral: An act of kindness rewards you with great contentment

Bhuvika Nanda

Class IV A