Do you feel a little flicker
When for that man you pay the bus fare?
Or when you buy a kid a cookie?
That’s joy you feel, because you give and share.

This joy you feel, is the basis of
The human race and all things living,
Because the happiness of our lives lies in
The joy of sharing and giving.

It is a feeling so pure, so true, so incredibly good
That it brightens up the world,
You can spread it with some candy or
With a simple nice word!
The respect of a peer you gain
When you give them what they need.
You make an amazing new friend
By doing a simple good deed!

Envision the joy on that poor mother’s face
When you hand some money to her little boy without mace.
Ignoring them and walking by,
Would deprive them of happiness and a little toy!

Imagine the joy you ignite
When you give up your bus seat for someone!
Yes, you lose a bus seat
But someone’s respect you earn!

Donate your toys to an orphanage,
And see the orphan who was found at the small tower.
Observe the indescribable joy on her face because
You let her know she’s loved and cared for.

You can give your friend a shoulder to cry on,
A person to talk to when they are sad,
Someone who they can freely trust,
And someone who will sit beside them when they are mad.

Your smile has the power
To ignite joy and remove pain.
Your kind words have power,
Because someone’s inhibitions they have slain.

We should put the power we have to good use
To treat people with kindness and create a rare ecstasy.
To create in someone’s distraught life,
A beautiful, happy fantasy.

Your life is not measured by your marks, your coolness
Or the money you earn.
It is measured by the happiness you have created
And the good deeds you have done.

Everyone’s biggest fear is oblivion-
The fear of not being remembered and having done nothing.
Well, with giving and sharing you have nothing to fear
Because you created joy and that is something.

  • Class 9A
  • VCW Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra East