We love to read books in our family. Right from childhood my sister and I  have been fond of reading books. Our mother has always encouraged us to read books. Our favourite books & authors are The Berenstain Bears, Geronimo, Thea stilton, Amar Chitra katha, Ruskin Bond, Sudha Murthy etc. Reading these books has improved my reading ability and also given me knowledge of many stories which otherwise i would have not known or understood.

Looking at our interest in reading my parents bought us books every month and our collection of books grew. When our friends used to come home for a play date they were amazed looking at our book collection. They did not have so many books and had not read so many stories, we felt bad that our friends did not have many books to read. We suggested to our parents if it will be ok to share our books with our friends.

Our parents encouraged the idea and we started sharing our book collection with our friends. This made me feel very good and happy. As we grew older some of the books I had were not of our age anymore. I wanted to share this with other children as well. My parents suggested we donate these books to the library so that many more children will get an opportunity to read. On one weekend my father and I visited the library and donated many of my old books. The library thanked us as many more needy children will now get to read my books. I donated some of my toys to an orphanage and our school principal appreciated this by giving me a letter of commendation. This made me feel very good.

Sharing and Giving made me feel very nice as I was helping other children rather than only thinking about ourselves. The more I gave and shared the more I got from others. I always felt I had more to give and it made me feel happy. This feeling cannot be put in words but only felt.

Jiah Choithramani 3A

Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra (W)