One sunny afternoon, Chloe, a little girl, who lived in Buenos Aires, was planning her birthday party. She was calling many friends and even family. She was feeling very excited. “Mommy, I have taken care of everything for my party,” said Chloe. “Very good!”, said her mother.” Now let me check who all are coming to your party”. “Okay, Mommy” said Chloe. After some time, Chloe’s mother came into her room. She saw Chloe there, waiting for her to inform her about the friends coming. She then looked at Chloe with a sad face. Chloe wondered why? Then her mother told her that owing to some sudden problem, the party had to be cancelled. Chloe felt sad but she knew that she could not do anything else. So she cancelled her party. “But I wanted to do something for my birthday,now that I cannot have a party”,Chloe told her mother.” “Okay,I will come up with an idea.” Her mother said. Later that day,her mother told her-“You can give fruits and biscuits  to the needy children.”Okay, I guess I could try it out,”said Chloe.So, on her birthday , she carried fruits and biscuits to the roadside where she found the needy children.She offered them the goodies .They accepted them with a smile. Seeing them so happy , a smile appeared on Chloe’s face as well .From this Chloe learnt that sharing makes a lot of people happy.Learning this, she remembered this day with great happiness and her birthday turned out to be lovely even without a party. She had made some new friends!!

Midushi Pabaru 3B

Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra (W)