I have always thought that the joy is in getting new things. But recently I realised that there is joy in one more thing and that is the JOY OF GIVING and SHARING. The joy of giving and sharing is the most unique thing. I experienced the joy of giving and sharing when I distributed buttermilk to the poor on Maha Shivratri day. I felt so happy distributing buttermilk because I could see the happiness and the joy on their faces and that really made me feel jubilant. My beloved mother also took me to an orphanage one day and there I glanced at umpteen young children who did not have parents and are all alone. I spoke to a few and realised that they have such huge dreams but such limited resources to fulfil them.

I also understood the importance of my parents in my life as they have always been there to guide me on every path, motivate me at each step of my life and become happy for me for all my achievements but these orphan children don’t have anyone to help them so they take guidance from each other, they learn and get motivated form there friends and also get lots of upliftment from the limited number of books provided to them. At that point I really felt doleful.I spent lot of time with them, and also learned innumerable outdoor games from them using such less resources and they were so much fun. I also took few new and few of my old discarded indoor board games with me and they were so happy to receive them all. They all came together to learn and play those games with me and at that moment I learnt that the JOY OF GIVING AND SHARING is far more than the joy of receiving.

So I conclude by saying that the Joy of Giving and Sharing is a very unique experience and to understand this we all have to join hands and make an effort to bring a smile on others face by making them happy with our good deeds as this makes our day also elated.

Navya Chhawchharia 4B

Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra (W)