We all love to get things like gifts and toys. My great grandmother used to tell me that in the same way others also like to get things from us. She also told me that when we give or share things with someone, we feel a great sense of happiness and joy in our hearts. Most of all we feel happy when we give nice things food, books, toys and games to poor children who cannot afford them.

My parents take me to gurudwara near my house. There, all the people sit together and have langar (food). Whenever I go there I serve food to all the people before I eat myself. This act gives me great happiness. My parents tell me that we should thank God for being able to serve people and share with them. Now I will share a real story about my grandfather whom I have never seen.

My grandfather used to buy one hundred blankets on every New Year’s eve. At 11:30 p.m. he used to take my grandmother and my father with him in the car. He would drive in the different lanes of the city and stop the car wherever he saw people sleeping on the footpath in the cold. He and my father would put a blanket on the poor sleeping people. In this way he celebrated the New Year. He was the happiest man and I have promised to follow the path showed by him.

-Veda Mirchandani 4B