We all know how great it feels to receive gifts. However, the joy of getting the gift is short lived. Our lives are richer and happier when we share and the joy we experience, comes from helping others.

Giving from the heart fills our life with joy, and that is far more valuable than any gift. It gives immense pleasure which only one can experience.However the feeling  is very hard to explain. Sharing is not all about giving something in kind. Giving can also be in caring and working for others. As Mahatma Gandhi said ‘’To find yourself, lose yourself in the service of others’’. True joy lies in the act of giving without any expectation of receiving in return. It is the joy and love that we give to others that brings true happiness. We reap the joy of seeing a bright and pleasant  smile.If we want happiness, we need to give happiness. If we want love, we need to give love. Mother Teresa also found true happiness in serving needy people. 

I would like to share one such example which gave me true happiness and joy. On my 5th birthday, me and my family went to the Blind Children School to celebrate my birthday. We all gathered in the dining area as there were more than 40 children. We all first prayed to God and then they all sang the birthday song for me when I was cutting the cake. Then we all sat together and shared the lunch with each other. Once we had lunch, we all ate ice-cream. Then, I gave return gifts to all the children. When the teacher opened one of the gifts and told them that it was a chocolate box, the children jumped with joy and were very happy. When I saw the big smiles on their faces, it brought a big smile on my face too. That day I understood that sharing with others gives us true happiness.

If you haven’t tried still, try it! I am sure, it will bring happiness and joy in your life too.

Krisha Gajaria


V.C.W Arya Vidya Mandir