From the joyous faces to the fulfilling reactions,
making you feel happy.
and adding to list of good deeds,
and interactions.
Behind the happiness of living ,
is the secret of giving.

From the kid on the road,
to your peers,
shortcomings are one thing,
that everyone fears.
Helping someone with their trouble,
is better than ,
ignoring them with a mumble.

The smile that has ,
the power to melt a frozen heart.
Behind that smile,
is a move ever so smart.
A selfish brain is of no use,
the only thing it can give,
is a bruise.

The smile of the receiver,
is very contagious.
It spreads more joy ,
than any fuss.
Stopping the tears from being shed.

Exchanging the tears with happy thoughts,
which they have before going to bed.
Behind the happiness of living,
is the secret of sharing and giving.

Gayathri Jayesh
VCW Arya Vidya Mandir