Annabeth was walking down Baker’s street, it was a windy Tuesday morning, the sun was just peeking over the horizon basking the sky in flaming colours. It was the end of February, not a single soul in the streets and not a single sound to be heard apart from the rustling leaves and the faint murmuring of the soaring wind. As she turned around the corner of Joe’s pizzeria, she saw two little children, a girl and a boy, sitting side-by-side in tattered clothes on the sidewalk. They looked around 5-6 years old. The boy had a little piece of bread in his hand which he willingly shared with the little girl who must have been his sister.

What astounded Annabeth was the look on their faces. Their faces portrayed pure joy. Neither the cold, hunger nor the solitude could wipe the smile off their faces. They had so little but were still grateful for the little that they had. They didn’t hesitate or think twice before breaking the piece of bread and sharing. That day Annabeth could think of nothing but those two children. As she walked into the grocery store at noon to purchase a few items, she saw an old lady at the counter who had forgotten her purse at home. Annabeth didn’t hesitate, she went to the counter and payed for the old woman’s groceries. Euphoria filled the old woman’s heart. She thanked Annabeth and walked out of the store with a grateful heart. As the old lady went home she thought of a way to repay Annabeth for her kindness. She cooked a delicious meal that night and invited he neighbour to share the meal with her. The neighbour went and donated money to the poor because her neighbour was so kind as to come spend time and share a meal with her.

In this way the joy of giving and sharing is contagious. We should always in our own little way help someone and make their day. Even a small act of kindness goes a long way.

  • Rhea D’costa
  • lX B