Sharing is caring, we all have heard that quote. By sharing we get happiness and feel good about ourselves like giving helpless people food, clothes, books, etc. By sharing, we not only feel good about what we have done, but we will make the other person happy. We get satisfaction by giving and sharing. When we share, the person’s life can change. When we share, we do a good deed and that will always come to us in many ways. We don’t always get something in exchange. Sometimes, we think “What will I gain?” but we don’t share for gain, we share for the happiness of others and ours. People say that when we give and share, we have a good afterlife. Even sharing a pen with someone changes their life. Life is not always about gaining but also giving. By doing that, we give something which is not that important and gain a lot more. By sharing we show an act of selflessness. On conclusion, “Just one smile that you brought upon one’s face is equal to a thousand smiles that awaken your heart.”

Anvita Rohan


AVM, Juhu