We all know how great it feels to receive gifts. However, the joy of getting is short-lived. Our lives are richer when we share and that inner joy comes from helping others to better their lives.

Truly giving from the heart fills your life with joy and nourishes your soul. Giving provides an intrinsic reward that is far more valuable than the gift. Mahatma Gandhi said “To find yourself , loose yourself in the service of others.” True joy lies in the art of going without expectation of receiving something in return. Giving takes you out of yourself and allows you to expand beyond Earthly limitations. Academic research and thousands of years of human history confirm that achieving meaning, fulfilment and happiness in life comes from making others happy and not from being self-centred. Mother Teresa is a famous example. She found fulfilment in giving of herself to others. She helped change the expressions on dying people’s faces from distress and fear to calmness and serenity. She made their undeniable pain easy to bear. When people are asked why they give, the readiest answers are: “God wants me to”; “I feel better about myself.”; “Others need and I have so I want to share, its only right.” The question I would ask is how would you feel? I imagine you felt very pleased with yourself and happy inside. It has been my experience that when you are focused on giving someone, you are less likely to become consumed by your own concerns and challenges. Giving provides an opportunity to look beyond our own world and see the bigger picture. A great perspective can be achieved by stepping out of our own world and venturing into the world of other people. Your worries and challenges might not seem as significant when compared to other people’s situations. The act of giving kindness improves your self esteem and brings happiness. Scientists have revealed that kindness is related to how much gratitude you show. After several years of soul searching, I discovered that my unhappiness was due to my want of things. To fill the void of loneliness, my search of inner happiness led me towards gratitude. During this process of realization, I also discovered ‘the purpose of living.’ Yes, I believe that giving makes you happier. But don’t take my word for it, try it yourself.

I encourage you to look for opportunities where you can give and help others. The gift of joy will come to you when you give yourself to others. That’s what life is all about. Let’s practice and commit our lives to giving joy. Try it! It works!

                    “Giving is the master key to success in all aspects of life”  

Brahmpari Chauhan


AVM, Juhu