The heart within you
beats with joy,
when you give and share
with a gesture of care.

Do you feel happiness
when you provide help to a beggar,
knowing he will be warm at night
because of your caring nature?

Or do you build a bond
with a friend of yours,
when you share food
which boosts up your mood?

Or the flutter of joy
you give to an old lady,
when you spend some time with her
when she’s lonely?

This is the purity and grace
in helping someone set their pace.
Share with them your stories and listen to theirs,
and see their faces fill with growing joy.

Do not fear oblivion,
as when you love and share
your legacy shall always be there.

And when you share a smile
you win someone’s heart,
like a darkness at night
catching the star-light.

This is the joy shared
when we care.
like a light that’s given
from a candle to the air.

  • Tanushree Jain
  • VCW Arya Vidya Mandir, Bandra East