In the world some people may be bad and some people might be good. We have 5 fingers and they all are different. They all want to be united. The same happens, we like someone but resent someone. Actually it is crucial to have them all. That’s how we learn about the world. We should try to share things. Sharing things doesn’t mean sharing with classmates and friends, only. It also means to share something with the poor. Once I saw in an episode of KBC, a man from an NGO mentioned that from one Indian wedding, they could feed more than 1000 poor families. IMAGINE! They learnt the Joy of sharing and giving. When we will start sharing, we will also be filled with joy. Have you heard the proverb ‘sharing is caring’. You will feel awesome by sharing with someone. If someone asks you for a game, you may not want to give it. But the moment you see their joy, it will make you smile. My maternal grandparents on their birthdays and anniversaries distribute food items to society staff, watchmens, maids, vegetable vendors etc. The joy I see on their face on receiving it and the happiness on grandparents face on distributing it is amazing. All I want to say is, all should start sharing and giving. We simply make the future, of others and ours, bright. Thank you for starting!

Rudransh Agrawal 4A

Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra (W)